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Cycling all the way from Cape Town to Mecca would to most people seem an impossible task. This thought did occur to us in the initial stages but after reading and meeting so many that have undertaken similar journeys, we grew confidant, positive and started to believe that we can achieve this goal. After three years of contemplation we finally set off on this historic journey with open minds, bare necessities and knowing we have to be extremely flexible in order to minimize our problems.
The experience we would would gain from sacrificing some time in our lives to do this, could not be purchased with all the wealth in the world and it also afforded us the opportunity to know what is happening in the villages and country side of Africa.
Our original plan, cycle through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and cross the sea into the Holy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimage. Getting visas for the last two countries was a bit more difficult then what we expected and we finally decided to move to Turkey and cycle from Syria to Jordan and then Mecca.

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Email    : cape2mecca@gmail.com

Mobile   : +2771 58 588 11

Skype   : nathimcairns

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